The final draw will be set based on the number of teams registered in each division.  As a guideline, the limits for each division will be set as follows:

  • 8 each for the men's and women's competitive division
  • 4 each for the juniors' and seniors'
  • 16 for the open division

Regardless of division, all teams will have a minimum three games guarantee.  Sign up below to show your interest and stay tuned for more information as the event approaches!   

Ladies' Safeway Trophy


Curling Championships Along the Waterfront ...

         In partnership with the SMG Stockton Arena, the club will host a grand curling event catered to both competitive and social curlers.  The event will be split into five divisions - competitive men's and women's each playing for their respective trophies, open juniors' to give the youngsters some good experience, open seniors' reserved for those at least 50 years of age, and a standard open division for the social curlers.  Our next door neighbors from Nevada will join us to compete for the right to represent their home state at the Pacific International Cup (PIC) in British Columbia.